Sunday, 24 March 2013

Meiktila violence – Interview with the person flee from “AunZayYa Block”, Meiktila, Myanmar

Mandalay (22-3-2013)
We flee from Meiktila at yesterday about 9:30 am by driving car among the crowd of people where Min Ko Naing who is the 88 generation Student group leader was giving speech to the people to calm down and stop for violence. The person who drove the car for us is one of the Buddhist man from Meiktila. On the way along to Mandalay city there were Monks and people who were holding weapon like swords and staves. They check the car and if they see Muslim the drag out from car and beat up till die. We were hiding and the car driver not stops totally just showing his face and we had been escape. On the way along there were Muslim own shops, houses, stores, vehicles, furniture and house hold fixtures were incinerating.
Total 11 persons in our group including me. But only 8 people had been escape to Mandalay and “Ulama” Islamic organisation arranged the place to stay for 8 person at Mandalay. We heard that other 2 person left at Meiktila distinct field refugee camp.
The night before we flee from there we heard the whole night the mobs torching and beating Muslims. The authority and police security were standing and watching till the Buddhist terrorist satiable of attack and they came to control. The Buddhist terrorists barged attacked the Muslims between from the police. They also drag out the dead bodies to other places.
We got information that hundred of “Hafiz Quran learning students” (they are only children 8 to 14 year old) were retained by police but we did not know exactly at which place and they still alive or not. We also heard that one person from Mandaly who is arranging and asking help to UNICEF for rescues them after Friday prayer on Friday (today 22-3-2013 after noon).
But we got the information that 21-3-2013 early morning about 2 am the Buddhist extremist terrorists were torching the MingalarZayYone Quran learning school at Meiktila then these children were running to escape and hiding into the “Wattlan forest”. Some of resident Buddhists were said that they saw terrorists were put out petrol and burn down as they saw massacre.
Before 12 noon terrorists were torching and beating till died the Muslims from “Chan Aye” and “MaGyiGone” villages today, we continuously get information that from the people who left at Meiktila.
We willing to be ended all these and want peaceful. This is the second big massacre after Rakhine violence. All these are well planned and tailored.
In the 1988 when public strike the government and authority can control easily even the whole country but now it is only small town and this is not acceptable reason that they can’t control. As a citizen of Myanmar this situation is not reasonable and not acceptable.

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