Friday, 21 October 2011


Not a single Rohingya minister was inducted in the nine
member minister of Arakan State government though half of the
population of Arakan is Rohingya. It is an open insult to the
Muslims of Arakan.This is the new government’s new crime
committed to the Rohingyas of Arakan.Therefore we regret for
it.Morever we condemned for it. Before and during the elections
they promised many things and now they are doing nothing.
Sayagyi U Razzak was education minister in the cabinet of
Bogyoke Aung San`s provisional government. He was
assassinated along with Aung San. In U Nu`s government there
were always two Muslim ministers. They were U Rachid and U
Khin Maung Latt (Abdul Latif). During the Nu Tin government or
AFPFL (Clean) government U Rachid and Mr. Sultan Mahmud
were the Muslim ministers. And Mr. Sultan Ahmed, Mr. Abdul
Gaffer and Mr. Abul Basher were parliamentary secretaries
with the power of deputy ministers. Mr. Sultan Mahmud was
from Akyab (Sittwe) township of Arakan and was Health
Minister. Mr. Sultan Ahmed was a native of Maungdaw
township of Arakan, and served as parliamentary secretary from
1947 to 1958.Mr Abdul Gaffer and Mr. Abul Basher were from
Buthidaung township of Arakan. Sayagyi U Ka was Education
Minister of the Caretaker Government of Gen. Ne Win.
The British Burma Municipal Act was extended to Akyab on
1st October 1874. The committee was consisted of six officials
and five non- officials. This body was responsible for and
managed police, roads, hospital, conservancy, beggars and
water supply within the limit of the town. The committee as
newly constituted in 1882 was relieved of charges for police
and was entrusted with additional responsibilities and powers
in respect of schools, hospital, vaccination and similar charges.
The committee consisted of three officers - the Deputy
Commissioner was president, the Civil Surgeon was vice
president and the Executive Engineer - two members nominated
by the government and twelve members elected from the public:
European-2, Muslim-4, Buddhist-4 and Hindu-2. Thus the
British had given equal right to Muslims and Buddhists of
In the history of Arakan there were many Muslim prime
ministers, ministers, judges and high officials appointed by the
kings of Arakan. But the Muslims were neglected and ignored
by the Burmese military governments since 1962. They are
ungrateful toward the Muslims of Arakan in particular and the
Muslims of Burma in general.

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