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Gold Coin minted in the early period of Maruk-U Empire with Muslim KALIMA

According to Daulat Kazi," The
king made Ashraf Khan his Chief
Minister and the commander of his
army. One day the king Thiri
Thudama (Salim Shah 11) went on
hunting expedition with his army.
The king with his army stayed there
for four months. The chief minister
returned to his court with the
permission of the king. When Ashraf
Khan sat in the court the Mughal, the
Pathans and numerous Hindus sat in
rows. Asharaf Khan was like full
moon in its sixteen parts." Asharaf
Khan was virtually in charge of
conducting all state affairs.(Missing
Links in Arakan History By S.N.
Goshal P-258.)Sri Bara Thakur was
the Lasker Wazir or war minister or
defence minister of the king
Narapatigyi (1638-1645 A.D.) The war
minister Sri Bara Thakur was blessed
with a son by praying to God.
MAGAN Thakur was the son of
Sri Bara Thakur. Alaol Writes,’ He
was the famous Magan who
possessed excellent qualities, he
was extremely handsome, and there
is no end of his virtues. His generosity
was known throughout the
country, he was born in the family of
Siddiq and he was a Sheik and he
was well known in the world by his
good birth and good deeds. He was
an Alim himself and was learned and
he recognized merit. He brought
learned men of his country and
honored them." Sri Bara Thakur was
the war minister of the king. By
begging to God he got the offspring
in the morning. Because he was
obtained by praying or begging, he
was given the name as
Magan. "Thakur” was the official title
given by the king. “The princess was
extremely pretty and polite, the king
brought up his daughter with great
Seeing the tender age of the
princess the king was thinking as to
whom the guardianship of the
princess was to be given. The king
made Magan Thakur the guardian of
princess because he was a great
virtuous man When the king died the
princess became the chief queen.
She appointed her guardian the
prime minister of the kingdom."
The fact is that the king Narapatigyi
had no son, but only a daughter.
When the king became old, he
appointed Magan Thakur, who was a
minister, and who belonged to a good
Arab family, guardian of his daughter.
After the king’s death she was married
to Thado Minthara, the nephew of the
king, i.e. the king`s daughter was
married to her cousin. Thado Minthara
became king and the king`s daughter
became the chief queen of the
kingdom. Magan Thakur became the
chief or prime minister of the
kingdom. But the king Thado Minthara
died in 1652 and was succeed by his
minor son Sanda Thudama (1652-
1684).Sanda Thudama was a minor
and the queen ruled the country as
regent. She gave her guardian Magan
Thakur the authority to rule the country
on her and her son’s behalf and he
was promoted to be the chief minister
or Prime Minister of the kingdom.
Magan Thakur ordered Alaol to compose
epic work Padmavati, which the
poet completed in 1651 during the
reign of Thado Minthara. Magan
Thakur later ordered to compose Saiful
Mulk Badiujjamal. Alaol began the
work, but before completing the book
Magan Thakur died and the
composition of the book remained
After the death of Magan Thakur
Sayyid Musa was appointed Prime
Minister of Arakan.Sayyid Musa
remained in this office for about a
decade under the king Sanda
Thudama. Alaol received patronage
from him and at his order completed
the composition of Saiful Mulk
Badiujjamal. He completed the book in
Thee next Muslim prime minister
of Arakan was Nabaraj Majalis. He
Nizami Ganjabi. According to Shah
Alaol`s Sikandernama, Srimata
Majlis became a Mahamaintya or
Chief or Prime Minister of Roshang
(Arakan) after the death of Prime
Minister Sayyid Musa. Hearing the
name and fame of Alaol, Nabaraj
Mujlis called the poet to his court
and gave him much support, so
much so that Shah Alaol was able to
clear the state dues. Once the Prime
Minister sat in the assembly of
learned men, arranged foods and
drinks for the guests. Those present
in the assembly praised the Prime
Minister for his good deeds,
particularly the construction of
Mosques and excavation of tanks.
In reply Nabaraj Majlis said that
mosques and tanks were not
permanent. In old days great men
did these beneficial works, but they
did not last. Only books have lasted,
books pleased the readers, books
impart education. Illiterate people
became learned by reading books;
books and poets are honored not
only in their own country but also
out side, and books last until the
day of resurrection. The book
Sikandernama was completed by
Shah Alaol in 1673AD.
Nabaraj Majlis was so important
a personality that he administered
the coronation oath to the king
Sanda Thudama. Shah Alaol says
about this:” The great religious king
had a Prime Minister known as
Nabaraj MAJLIS. Now I will tell
something about Majlis. When the
king died, the crown prince came to
sit on the throne. Outside the
throne, he stood facing the east.

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