Friday, 21 October 2011

Storm moved to Arakan and Teknaf Coasts

Teknaf, Bangladesh: The storm moved northeastwards and crossed Teknaf and Arakan coasts yesterday noon, according to a schoolteacher of Maungdaw.
A refugee shack was destroy by heavy rain in unregistered kutupalong camp

The storm was not to intensify further into a cyclone and move between Cox’s Bazar and Arakan coast, yesterday, said an official (weather department) from Cox’s Bazar.

In Burma side, especially in Maungdaw Township, some of the roofs of houses were destroyed and also destroyed paddy fields where the paddy fields were inundated by heavy rain.  For the farmers, the harvest time is coming near, so they are very disappointed for the impact of this storm.  It was blown 50 to 60 mile per hour, said a trader from Maungdaw north. 

Nearly 40 houses were damage by storm which was named 02B which crossed Akyab in the evening on October 19, according to the Voice of Weekly.   

In Bangladesh side, in Teknaf, there was a heavy rain accompanied by strong winds since 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, but in Cox’s Bazar till 6:00 pm. As a result, the height of the tidal water was raised up than normal tide. It caused some of the areas of Cox’s Bazar district were inundated and so the paddy fields were destroyed. Most the trees were up rooted, said Noor Ahmed from Teknaf.

The heavy rain and winds destroy some shacks from the Kutupalong refugee camp, where the shacks are made with bushes and plastics and the refugees are facing difficulty to stay in their shacks as it was not safe for winds and rain, said a refugee elder from the camp.
A refugee woman sitting inside damage shack in unregistered refugee camp

“We don’t know how to sleep tonight as heavy rain is going continues,” said Halima, a refugee woman who has three children.   

According to sources, some of the houses were destroyed in Cox’s Bazar district. About 50 fishing boats including rowing boat were sunk in the Bay of Bengal while they were returning to Shapuri Dip from Cox’s Bazar and missing 35 fishermen.

In Saint Martin Island, about 50 local tourists were stranded as the passenger ship was not able to berth to the coast of the Island because of big waves. About 100 fishing trawlers including rowing boats were destroyed at the Ghat ( port) of Saint Martin Island, and one of the boats was sank at the port which was loaded by sand and bricks, said Abdu Salam from Saint Martin.   

One child named Sadam Hussain (6), son of Mohamed Sharif, hailed from Zaliya Para of Shapuri Dip, Bangladesh was dead, at about 11:00 am, by falling a tree while playing in front of the house and wounded 4/5 persons, said deceased  father.

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