Friday, 21 October 2011

Burma Heading Towards the Worst

Burma's national icon of democracy, peace and liberty, Daw Aung San Suu Kyie has
cautioned the people of
Burma to prepare for the
worst, during a rare meeting
with the members of her
party, the National League
for Democracy on Jan
30.2008, after she was
allowed a rare respite from
house arrest. She criticized
the series of meetings she has
held with the military junta's
Liaison Minister, Aung Kyi
for failing to yield any
tangible result towards the
achievement of any political
reform. So, it is clear that Burma is heading to witness another grim showbiz of blood-bath
which may be the worst in the history of Burma, if the military rulers stick to their hard-line
stance to grind the hopes of the people of Burma under their despotic wheel and thus to defy
the international outcry to restore peace and democracy in Burma.
During the long 46 years of unbroken military rule since 1962, Burma has witnessed many
episodes of brutalities and tyranny of the army who have always treated the guns as not for
shooting upwards, but to shoot directly at those who raise their voice against the military
On July 7.1962, the army has indiscriminately massacred more than 100 students of Rangoon
University, wounded many others and arrested about 3000 students, simply because they
raised their protest against some rules and regulations which were imposed upon them by the
regime restricting their usual movement same as those in the military barracks, prohibiting
students coming in or going out after 8 pm and signing the register book to ascertain that they
were in. Such rules sent students to bed hungry because the dinner provided by the hall was
served from 4.30 to 6.30 pm and supper was not provided by the hall and the students had to
manage it according to their convenience. However, in the morning of the 7th July 1962, the

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